Dear cavers/cave biologists,

Working on the mating behaviour and phylogeny of bedbugs (Cimicidae) we are asking for the help of those that might encounter these bugs regularly during the field work - You!

How do the bugs look like?

Like the human bedbug: Many species living on South East Asian bats will have a similar appearance.

Several cave-dwelling species also have a spiderlike appearance, e.g. African bat bug.

Where and how to find?

How can you help us?

Would you be able to send us specimens of these bugs DEAD (ethanol preserved) OR ALIVE? Or would you be willing to let us know the precise location and the host species? Are you interested in a scientific collaboration? Can we join you on a cave excursion? Please contact us to discuss the details! We are also happy to identify species upon request! Please forward this link to colleagues!

Further Readings/links

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  4. Bedbug - CreationWiki
  5. African cimicids - Afrocimex and Cacodmus from Kenya

Cooperation partners


Steffen Roth
University of Bergen
The Natural History Collections
P.O. Box 7800
N-5020 Bergen, Norway